Marriage can wait, education cannot.” Join us in our campaign to keep girls in school in rural arid Kenyan communities.

What we are doing

Working with families and communities to raise awareness on the negative consequences of not educating girls, FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) and forced marriages by empowering communities to speak out and stop these primitive practices.

Campaign for girls rights and decisions that will help shape their lives and end poverty for generations to come.

Support Girl Child Organisation helps keep the poor disadvantaged girl child in arid communities in school by providing hygiene solutions like sanitary towels, panties etc.

Research shows that 70% of girls in arid rural areas don’t complete school and miss on average a week every month while on their menstrual periods due to lack of sanitary towels. Unsafe abortions, infections, unwanted pregnancies, FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) are all contributing factors hence why early key mentoring and education is paramount.

There has been a substantial increase of girls in schools in rural areas since we started distributing sanitary towels to schools and educating girls on safe sex practices which has had a remarkable impact on communities and more so the girl child.

We also sponsor orphaned HIV children in schools.

We also sponsor correctional surgery for women in rural areas suffering from fistula to enable them to go back to a normal life and become bread wieners in their families

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